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Welcome to Mt Pleasant Violin and Viola Studio

The transformative journey at the Mt Pleasant Studio has not only shaped aspiring musicians but has also propelled countless students toward success in other challenging fields.


The school's alumni roster proudly boasts the names of some of the finest talents in the Charleston area, as well as students who have made their mark in other states and countries across the globe.

What our parents say

Little Mozart,
A groundbreaking approach to
music education.

Welcome to our revolutionary music program, a collaboration between the Charleston Bilingual Academy and the Little Mozart Music Program. We believe in the transformative power of music education, especially when introduced at an early age.

Musical instruments

Why Music?

Learning to play an instrument offers more than a fun activity for a kid to enjoy. It can also help a child’s brain develop more effectively. The brain of someone who plays music becomes noticeably altered in a way that helps improve processing for a wide range of activities from language to math. Here are just a few of the ways learning music can help promote healthy development in the brain of a child.


The Little Mozart Blog

We created these articles to help you understand the process of learning a musical instrument. Hope you enjoy as much as we do creating them!

Watch our Students

we are proud of them!

Learning music is a journey and we are grateful that you have chosen us to walk that path with your kids. We enjoy every moment of the development of your child and celebrate their achievements. Here are some of them.


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