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Musical Instrument Rental 

Thank you for your interest in renting an instrument from us.


Charleston International Music School (CIMS) and its programs provide the best rental prices and conditions in the tri-county area.  


Read to the terms carefully and click at the bottom for rental contract


Month-to-Month Terms

Rental payments can be on a Month-to-Month Option for $22 per month.  None of the rental payments can be applied toward the purchase of an instrument, accessories, repairs, or any other fees.


Rental Due Date and Fees

Rental payments are due on the 1st of every month.  Payments are due in advance.  CIMS does not pro-rate rental fees.  Renter has 15 days after the payment is due for payment to be received.  Payments received after the 15th day are subject to a $5 late fee.  No Exceptions, after 30 days past due date, account will be terminated and the rented instrument will be considered sold, for the price stated on the contract, less 3 months of rent.



Renter assumes full responsibility for the contracted instrument.  Renter shall be responsible for damages to or loss of stated instrument unless covered by Optional Insurance coverage (subject to stated terms).  Renter is responsible for returning rental with all included accessories and supplies that were provided with rental in the same condition as received.  


*In the event that the student stops taking lessons from any of "CIMS" programs, renter is responsible for the return of the instrument in person with a copy of this agreement to CIMS with all included accessories and supplies in the same condition as received other than normal wear.  OR will reimburse CIMS for the FULL VALUE ($250-$350) of the instrument and accessories as stated in this rental agreement.

CIMS guarantees that supplied instrument will be completely adjusted and delivered in good working order with needed accessories.



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