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With a commitment to providing high-level musical training...

Maestro Ruben Camacho goes above and beyond in cultivating the talents and aspirations of his students. But it is not just about music here; it is about nurturing the individual as a whole. 


Learning how to play a string instrument has its challenges. In the process of learning to play, students also gain unmatched levels of confidence, self-discipline, leadership, and resilience. The more advanced students who play in chamber music ensembles also gain team building, collaboration, and communication skills.


The transformative journey at the Mt Pleasant Studio has not only shaped aspiring musicians but has also propelled countless students towards success in other challenging fields. The school's alumni roster proudly boasts the names of some of the finest talents in the Charleston area, as well as students who have made their mark in other states and countries across the globe.


The studio boasts a passionate and dedicated faculty. Comprised of accomplished musicians and educators, they guide their students through the intricacies of music theory, technique, and performance. However, students at the Mt. Pleasant Studio learn more than mere technical proficiency. Recognizing the importance of character development, the faculty ensures that each student is equipped with the necessary life skills to thrive in any endeavor they pursue.

We teach more than music

Confidence, one of the key values emphasized at the studio, is nurtured through a supportive and encouraging environment. Recitals, concerts, and competitions become the stages upon which their talents are honed and showcased. Through these experiences, students build belief in their abilities, enabling them to face challenges with poise and self-assurance.


Self-discipline is instilled in every student. The practice routines, structured lessons, and challenging repertoire customized to each student  require commitment and perseverance. By cultivating discipline, students develop a strong work ethic that extends beyond the realm of music. They begin to understand that excellence is the result of consistent effort and determination.


Leadership is another core value. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles within ensembles and various musical groups. They learn the importance of collaboration, effective communication, and guiding others towards a common goal. These leadership skills transcend the boundaries of music and empower students to become influential figures in other domains.


Resilience is fostered within each student. Music, like life, is filled with challenges and setbacks. However, through the guidance of their teachers, students begin to embrace these obstacles as growth opportunities. They develop the tenacity to overcome setbacks, adapt to changing circumstances, and emerge stronger and more determined.

The Mt Pleasant Studio stands as a beacon of excellence, offering high-level musical training while cultivating values that extend far beyond the realms of music. With its dedicated faculty, supportive environment, and commitment to character development, it has produced a remarkable lineage of talented individuals.

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Lessons and Tuition
Mt Pleasant Studio

Lessons are offered in 30, 45 or 60 minutes weekly on a scheduled basis.


  • Lessons are ​$80 per hour for one student


  • Lessons are ​$60 per 45 minutes for one student


  • Lessons are ​$40 per 30 minutes for one student


For more information about lessons, discounts or scheduling a try out lesson call (843) 475-6583 or email us at:

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For more information or scheduling lessons

Call (843) 475-6583 or email us at:

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Why Music?

Learning to play an instrument offers more than a fun activity for a kid to enjoy. It can also help a child’s brain develop more effectively. The brain of someone who plays music becomes noticeably altered in a way that helps improve processing for a wide range of activities from language to math. Here are just a few of the ways learning music can help promote healthy development in the brain of a child.


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About Ruben Camacho

Founder & Director

He has been invited to perform in recitals, with orchestras, chamber music ensembles and also to teach in New York, Paris, London, Buenos Aires, Bogota, and Caracas, among other cities. In 2002 Mr. Camacho was invited to perform in the Cervantino Music Festival, (Mexico). He has also participated in the Tanglewood Music Festival (USA) and Montpellier Music Festival (France).


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